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Rocker or Camber

Every boarder has their preferences. What goggles,  pants, gloves, jackets, etc. that they like. Just like that, each boarder likes a different type of board. There are two main styles that companies make their snowboards in. One is camber, which is a little elevated in te center of the board for more stability when landing jumps and balance on rails.  This is very popular in the competitive aspect of the sport and expert riders because of what it’s main use is.rocker-vs-camber2.jpg              The other type of board that is more popular amongst intermediate riders is rocker because of its efficiency on normal trails and the stability it has while riding down the mountain. Many beginners start off with this style because of the increased stability and easy movement for turns.

Then there is something called a hybrid, which happens to be, my preferred board of use. It has the best of both worlds by having the stability of the rocker because of its flat center but also is elevated at the underfoot for a soft landing in the terrain park. hybrid-camber.jpg


Four Eyes

Shredding down a mountain without goggles is like trying to beat LeBron James in a one-on-one…. it’s impossible! so I recommend only the best, the Oakley Crowbars. Yes, they’re a bit pricey, but this is one thing that is worth every single penny.71z6ahpT1iL._SX522_As everyone knows, Oakley is one of the most prestigious brands of sunglasses, so why do you think they would change for goggles. You guessed right, they didn’t. These goggles have ventilation technology like no other. If these goggles get fogged up on you while you’re riding then I’ll give you my life savings because it just doesn’t happen. Oakley has been coming out with more and more snowboard apparel and gear that they’re becoming a powerhouse in the industry and as they’ve shown with their new products, they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

These are the goggles that I use and they’ve been nothing but perfect every time I put them on. They’re, without a doubt, the most comfortable goggles on the market right now while also having one of the biggest range of sight out of any snowboarding goggle to be released to this date.

Only the Cool Kids Wear Helmets

Wearing a helmet isn’t a nuisance, it’s a necessity. There has been way to many head injuries to snowboarders and skiers who think they are too good for a helmet. I’m going to tell you a first-hand story of the time that I truly realized the importance of a helmet. I was taking a weekend to go boarding at Jack Frost with a couple of friends, having a great time and doing our usual shenanigans. The end of the day was closing in fast so we got one last ride in before night time. While we were on our way up the chairlift which happened to overlook the terrain park. While we were riding up we saw a guy going for a huge jump, so instinctively we started cheering him on and once he left the jump I knew it was bad news. He ended landing on his head and neck. we quickly rushed to his assistance once we got off the chairlift. soon after he was taken to the hospital where doctors told him if he wasn’t wearing a helmet he would have died on impact.

BernBakerHardHatI Cannot stress this enough, helmets NEED to be worn by every person on the mountain. And the best helmet to wear is the Bern Baker Helmet. While it is the safest helmet on the market it also has some very cool features that will make your ride very enjoyable. The built-in speakers in the helmet let you bump to your favorite songs while flying down the mountain.

Finding Bindings

Burton, Lib Tech, Rossignol, and so many other. How can you even choose one? Well here’s some information that you need to make sure you get the best bindings for the best price. Many different companies make their bindings for specific types of rides i.e. terrain, cruising. Some of them can cost upwards of $300…. for a piece of plastic and metal, you’ve gotta be kidding me.


And thats why I’m here! What kind of guy would I be if I let you spend that much money and not even receive the best product, to put in nice words, not a very cool dude. So my recommendation for getting best bang for your buck and the smoothest ride down the mountain are the Burton Freestyles. They’re unbelievably comfortable with the perfect amount of flex and only $112! But if you get them today you get 25% which you might as well call this highway robbery cause you’re stealing these from Burton.

These bindings are mostly meant for cruising but can definitely withstand your average terrain park. And no your average terrain park isn’t a half pipe followed by a 30 foot gap because you should be able to afford more expensive bindings if youre’ that good!









Sno Haus

“Yo guys let’s go on a day trip this weekend.” A sentence that every snowboarder says at least 5 times a year. Trust me, I’m no different. I am always taking every advantage I have to get on the mountain and make Shawn White look like he’s never seen snow before (I wish). But to give myself the best ride possible I get my equipment at Sno Haus.


I went there for the first time when I was about 7 years old to rent my first snowboard and let me tell ya, I’ve never looked back. They have the best Customer service and the biggest selection of snpwboards, skiis, jackets and anything else you need to get started. They are a relatively small brand but they are very close with the customers and have constant returning customers who won’t go anywhere else. If i were you id get in my car right now and get over to Sno Haus to get the latest and greatest gear.

What I Use

I’ve had many different boards, bindings, boots, etc. But what has given me the best ride is the 2014 Lib Tech TRS hybrid, it has given me the smoothest ride time after time with 1314-Lib-Tech-TRS-Stealth-800x800stability that is undeniably amazing. In every condition that I’ve encountered with this board, I have yet to have any complaints about it.

I’m not one of those people that are die-hard fans of one particular company or brand and with refuse to buy any other product. I like to jump around and experience the different equipment that everyone has to offer. That’s why I’ve found that Burton Moto’s are the most comfortable for my wide and obnoxious feet when shredding down the mountain. All though mine are getting banged up and time for a new pair, I’ve been seriously considering getting the exact same pair for my next endeavor.

Bindings are a different story. I have had a few of K2 bindings crack while hitting a lip or catching an edge. Since those have broken I’ve completely shifted my eyes towards Burton and I’ve loved every second  of using the 2013 Burton Custom’s and even though they are moderately simple bindings they’ve never led me in the wrong direction.26260-snowboard_sunset_wallpaper.jpg

My Story


I am just some 19 year old kid who has, like most people reading this, a profound love for getting up to the peak of the mountain and shredding down the trails with my friends. I grew up on Long Island in NY which if you snowboard in the northeast you know that Long Island has absolutely zero mountains to go to for a quick day trip. This gave me somewhat of an advantage to travel all throughout the northeast and try out many different mountains since I never had my “go-to” mountain within minutes of my house. Because of this I’ve been IMG_1507to almost every notable mountain throughout areas near me.

My father grew up right by the Canadian border in New York so he was always around skiing and snowboarding and got me into it at a young age. Luckily, I picked boarding up instead of skiing because you guys would be out of luck when looking for the 411 about the snowboarding community.

Once I started snowboarding I never looked back, and I can’t see my self stopping anytime soon. Which means you’re in luck because I’ll be blogging about the new and popular styles for a Long time. If you have any questions about the blog feel free to read the about page which gives you all the details you need to know about the website.

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