As all Boarders know the west coast of the US is some of the best in the country. Best conditions, Plethora of trails, groomed terrain park, anything else that you dream about a night, the west coast has for you. Well, here it comes again, the top 5 resorts on the west coast! strap in cause it’s about to get rowdy!

  1. Aspen, Snowmass – 5,300 acres of open trails in season, some of the best conditions in the entire world. You CANNOT go wrong taking a trip here. highly recommended
  2. Telluride – Known for some of the steepest and most difficult trails in the country, very fun if you are an expert but if you’re still  weary about black diamonds id stay away.
  3. Beaver Creek – Very great mountain with extraordinary accommodations for your friends and family who decide to tag along
  4.  Breckenridge – very family friendly with an old western feel, family friendly with awesome terrain parks
  5. Keystone – Great mountain and maintained that way. one of my favorite mountains that I’ve been too. Highly recommended

Well, there it is folks, the mountains that you and your buddies should tear up if you’re ever out west. Feel free to comment your comments about your favorites. Keep on keepin’ on.