Canada, OH Canada, what a place man. Nicest people you’ll ever meet with some of the best powder in the world. just a quick hint you might wanna learn French before you go because you might never leave. I’ve been to Canada a decent amount of time and I have absolutely nothing but amazing reviews about this beautiful country.


Well, here it is Gentlemen, the Top 5 Resorts in all of Canada. I hope you’re ready because this is about to be legend….. wait for it….. DARY. Let’s get started.

  1. Mount Tremblant – I can go on for hours about this place. It is by far my favorite mountain I have even boarded on. Amazing trails, Beautiful view from the peak, Terrains are unreal, and so many trails. P.S. you must get a beaver tail when you’re up there.
  2. Whistler Blackcomb – These two adjacent mountains are some of the best conditions you’ll see. together they have over 200 marked runs. What a mountain!
  3. Sun Peaks – The second largest mountain in all of British Columbia has so many trails to choose from with everything you could want.
  4. Fernie – If you’re an adrenaline junkie, this mountain is for you. One of the highest mountains in British Columbia has some of the most exciting rides you’ll ever encounter. Beginners should probably stick to the greens but other than that you’ll have a fantastic time.
  5. Blue Mountain – The third most popular mountain, behind 1 & 2 on this list, is a very family friendly mountain but also some of the best terrain parks in North America is the reason that Canadians flock to the resort every year.

Another one down the drain. Western Canada and Eastern Canada coming in with some huge mountains on the list. For Lift tickets click the links and you’ll get some great deals to have an awesome weekend with our northern friends. Later Boys!