Honest to god, The MOST IMPORTANT part about having a fun and comfortable experience on the mountain is having your hands and feet warm and comfortable. I cannot stress this enough! I’ve had way to many experiences of crappy gloves getting completely waterlogged and ruining my entire day while also making my hands colder than the snow I was standing on.

imgres-2.jpgRecently I’ve been using gloves that have been nothing below amazing. EMS is a great brand of gloves and almost never get a bad review from any customers. The best of the best are the EMS Men’s Summit Gloves, they are 100% water proof with their new and improved ventilation system that keeps your hands warmer than ever before. Also, if you click the link and buy a pair of these Summit gloves, you get free shipping with 25% off! so get on it!


Here it is, my favorite things in the world…. WOOL SOCKS! These things are the absolute best, and the best thing about them is that they arent just for snowboarding. Anytime you’re feet get a little chilly, the only solution … Smartwool Socks! They have many different types on what you would want with cushion, comfort or warmth. Theyre the best socks a snowboarder can ask for and they are relatively cheap but most definitely worth the purchase.