Good snow pants are a necessity if you want to have a comfortable day of skiing, and the right pants are the difference maker between a good day and a GREAT day. I’ve had some days that have been absolutely ruined because either my pants ripped or had no way to stop the pants from getting waterlogged. Well, that’s why I’m here, so you don’t have to go through the things that I’ve, sadly, went through.

I’ve gotta say, BurtonAperture-Verty-Charcoal-Cargo-10K-Snowboard-Pants-_247236-front has some of the best pants on the market. Yes, they are a little expensive, but in this case, they are 150% worth it. They are waterproof with some of the best ventilation systems out of all brands on the market. They may or may not be the ones that I use so I may or may not be biased but there’s definitely a reason to be. They’re absolutely amazing and if you’re upset with them once you make a purchase you don’t know what good snow pants are!

But if you’re in it for the cheap factor, Ambush Board Co. is what you’re gonna want to check out. Great pants and almost always on sale. But keep an eye put because they have flash sales every couple of months and they practically give away pants for free. So keep an eye out and attach your email when you complete your order and you’ll be sure to get some great deals.