Lib Tech is a Company based out of the Pacific Northwest Notoriously known for the innovation they brought to the snowboarding industry. Lib Tech has brought a whole new wave of new technology to boarders around the world, like the Magne-Traction edges and Banana Technology rocker shape (which is what I use). They’re bringing the new and improved comfort and stability that snowboarding has never seen before. Here are just some of the awards that they’ve won recently.

  • Winner, 2009 Best of Test, Snowboarder Magazine (Skate Banana)
  • Winner, 2009 Good Wood Test, Transworld Snowboarding (Skate Banana)
  • Winner, 2009 Good Wood Test, Transworld Snowboarding (TRS BTX)
  • Winner, 2009 Women’s Good Wood Test, Transworld Snowboarding (TRS BTX)
  • Tested Best, Men’s Over $600, Future Snowboard Magazine (Cygnus X1 BTX)
  • Tested Best, Men’s $400–599, Future Snowboard Magazine (TRS BTX)
  • Tested Best, Women’s Over $400, Future Snowboard Magazine (TRS BTX)
  • 2007 Innovation of the Year, SIA Snowpress Innovation Awards (Skate Banana)1314-Lib-Tech-TRS-Stealth-800x800

Yup, They’re that good! I absolutely love the new technology that they’re bringing and they deserve all the credit that has been given to them. I have been using the Lib Tech TRS for about 2 years now and I’m absolutely in love with at and once I get a new board, I’m going to lib tech immediately. They are a little pricey but for the innovative style that they have, you’ll realize that not one penny went to waste purchasing any of their products especially their boards.

Mike Olsen, The founder of the Lib Tech brand and it’s new technology, built his first snowboard in 1977 and by 1984 he dropped out of college to pursue a career in his one true passion, snowboarding. He started off living in a man’s barn and paying rent by mowing the lawn and cleaning gutters and now he is one of the most renown pioneers of the snowboarding industry. He proved that if you put your mind to something and really give all of your effort to accomplish that goal, good things will follow.