To be honest, I haven’t had much experience with K2, but the handful of times I have been absolutely awesome. I rode the K2 Rayburn with one of my friends and had one of the most pleasant rides ever. The control was impeccable and the ride was so smooth that my friends had to tell me to stop talking about it on the car ride home.

k2snow_1516_snbd_standard_155WK2 was a little slow to come to the snowboard world releasing their first board in 1994. But, man, they made their presence known. They erupted to become one of the top snowboarding companies in the whole world and never looked back. Since then K2 is the second highest earner behind Burton. Based  in Seattle, K2 Snowboards continues to manufacture top of the line boards, boots, and bindings with impressive aesthetics and shelf appeal (The House). Since they have been around since 1952 making ski’s, they had the resources and promotion to make sure their snowboarding brand would blow up like the Hindenburg. 01kirschner.190.jpg

Bill Kirschner, the founder of K2 Sports, created a powerhouse company in the winter sports industry after WWII. Since K2 Sports was so successful in the industry, that let them have the time, money, and resources to create a very successful brand that will be around for a while.

All in all, K2 is one of the best snowboarding brands around and if you have to make a decision between K2 and anything other than Burton, TAKE K2!