“Yo guys let’s go on a day trip this weekend.” A sentence that every snowboarder says at least 5 times a year. Trust me, I’m no different. I am always taking every advantage I have to get on the mountain and make Shawn White look like he’s never seen snow before (I wish). But to give myself the best ride possible I get my equipment atĀ Sno Haus.


I went there for the first time when I was about 7 years old to rent my first snowboard and let me tell ya, I’ve never looked back. They have the best Customer service and the biggest selection of snpwboards, skiis, jackets and anything else you need to get started. They are a relatively small brand but they are very close with the customers and have constant returning customers who won’t go anywhere else. If i were you id get in my car right now and get over to Sno Haus to get the latest and greatest gear.