Every boarder has their preferences. What goggles,  pants, gloves, jackets, etc. that they like. Just like that, each boarder likes a different type of board. There are two main styles that companies make their snowboards in. One is camber, which is a little elevated in te center of the board for more stability when landing jumps and balance on rails.  This is very popular in the competitive aspect of the sport and expert riders because of what it’s main use is.rocker-vs-camber2.jpg              The other type of board that is more popular amongst intermediate riders is rocker because of its efficiency on normal trails and the stability it has while riding down the mountain. Many beginners start off with this style because of the increased stability and easy movement for turns.

Then there is something called a hybrid, which happens to be, my preferred board of use. It has the best of both worlds by having the stability of the rocker because of its flat center but also is elevated at the underfoot for a soft landing in the terrain park. hybrid-camber.jpg