Wearing a helmet isn’t a nuisance, it’s a necessity. There has been way to many head injuries to snowboarders and skiers who think they are too good for a helmet. I’m going to tell you a first-hand story of the time that I truly realized the importance of a helmet. I was taking a weekend to go boarding at Jack Frost with a couple of friends, having a great time and doing our usual shenanigans. The end of the day was closing in fast so we got one last ride in before night time. While we were on our way up the chairlift which happened to overlook the terrain park. While we were riding up we saw a guy going for a huge jump, so instinctively we started cheering him on and once he left the jump I knew it was bad news. He ended landing on his head and neck. we quickly rushed to his assistance once we got off the chairlift. soon after he was taken to the hospital where doctors told him if he wasn’t wearing a helmet he would have died on impact.

BernBakerHardHatI Cannot stress this enough, helmets NEED to be worn by every person on the mountain. And the best helmet to wear is the Bern Baker Helmet. While it is the safest helmet on the market it also has some very cool features that will make your ride very enjoyable. The built-in speakers in the helmet let you bump to your favorite songs while flying down the mountain.