Burton, Lib Tech, Rossignol, and so many other. How can you even choose one? Well here’s some information that you need to make sure you get the best bindings for the best price. Many different companies make their bindings for specific types of rides i.e. terrain, cruising. Some of them can cost upwards of $300…. for a piece of plastic and metal, you’ve gotta be kidding me.


And thats why I’m here! What kind of guy would I be if I let you spend that much money and not even receive the best product, to put in nice words, not a very cool dude. So my recommendation for getting best bang for your buck and the smoothest ride down the mountain are the Burton Freestyles. They’re unbelievably comfortable with the perfect amount of flex and only $112! But if you get them today you get 25% which you might as well call this highway robbery cause you’re stealing these from Burton.

These bindings are mostly meant for cruising but can definitely withstand your average terrain park. And no your average terrain park isn’t a half pipe followed by a 30 foot gap because you should be able to afford more expensive bindings if youre’ that good!