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April 2016

Lib Tech is a Company based out of the Pacific Northwest Notoriously known for the innovation they brought to the snowboarding industry. Lib Tech has brought a whole new wave of new technology to boarders around the world, like the Magne-Traction edges and Banana Technology rocker shape (which is what I use). They’re bringing the new and improved comfort and stability that snowboarding has never seen before. Here are just some of the awards that they’ve won recently.

  • Winner, 2009 Best of Test, Snowboarder Magazine (Skate Banana)
  • Winner, 2009 Good Wood Test, Transworld Snowboarding (Skate Banana)
  • Winner, 2009 Good Wood Test, Transworld Snowboarding (TRS BTX)
  • Winner, 2009 Women’s Good Wood Test, Transworld Snowboarding (TRS BTX)
  • Tested Best, Men’s Over $600, Future Snowboard Magazine (Cygnus X1 BTX)
  • Tested Best, Men’s $400–599, Future Snowboard Magazine (TRS BTX)
  • Tested Best, Women’s Over $400, Future Snowboard Magazine (TRS BTX)
  • 2007 Innovation of the Year, SIA Snowpress Innovation Awards (Skate Banana)1314-Lib-Tech-TRS-Stealth-800x800

Yup, They’re that good! I absolutely love the new technology that they’re bringing and they deserve all the credit that has been given to them. I have been using the Lib Tech TRS for about 2 years now and I’m absolutely in love with at and once I get a new board, I’m going to lib tech immediately. They are a little pricey but for the innovative style that they have, you’ll realize that not one penny went to waste purchasing any of their products especially their boards.

Mike Olsen, The founder of the Lib Tech brand and it’s new technology, built his first snowboard in 1977 and by 1984 he dropped out of college to pursue a career in his one true passion, snowboarding. He started off living in a man’s barn and paying rent by mowing the lawn and cleaning gutters and now he is one of the most renown pioneers of the snowboarding industry. He proved that if you put your mind to something and really give all of your effort to accomplish that goal, good things will follow.


To be honest, I haven’t had much experience with K2, but the handful of times I have been absolutely awesome. I rode the K2 Rayburn with one of my friends and had one of the most pleasant rides ever. The control was impeccable and the ride was so smooth that my friends had to tell me to stop talking about it on the car ride home.

k2snow_1516_snbd_standard_155WK2 was a little slow to come to the snowboard world releasing their first board in 1994. But, man, they made their presence known. They erupted to become one of the top snowboarding companies in the whole world and never looked back. Since then K2 is the second highest earner behind Burton. Based  in Seattle, K2 Snowboards continues to manufacture top of the line boards, boots, and bindings with impressive aesthetics and shelf appeal (The House). Since they have been around since 1952 making ski’s, they had the resources and promotion to make sure their snowboarding brand would blow up like the Hindenburg. 01kirschner.190.jpg

Bill Kirschner, the founder of K2 Sports, created a powerhouse company in the winter sports industry after WWII. Since K2 Sports was so successful in the industry, that let them have the time, money, and resources to create a very successful brand that will be around for a while.

All in all, K2 is one of the best snowboarding brands around and if you have to make a decision between K2 and anything other than Burton, TAKE K2!

Burton is one of the most popular brands in the snowboarding world and there’s a reason, they’re the best! Almost every snowboarder you’ll see on the mountain has something Burton on. It’s one of, if not, my favorite companies and that says a lot. I’ve been around the blockimages and I’ve only had a handful of times where I wasn’t 100% percent satisfied, but those are very rare cases.

Burton has some of the biggest names in snowboarding behind them, like Shawn White, Taylor Gold and Jeremy Jones. Burton pushes the limits when it comes to innovation, design, research and development, worldwide contests and customer service. Burton has established themselves as one of the pioneers that got the snowboarding world to where it is today.

The only worry that some might have about Burton is that their fearless leader Jake Burton has recently been Diagnosed a type of Guillan-Barre Syndrome called MillJake-Burton_0er Fisher Syndrome. Miller Fisher Syndrome is a rare immune disease where the body attacks its nerves and leaves the patient in a, sometimes permanent, paralysis. This news hit the snowboarders like a ton of bricks, Jake Burton was one of the nicest people you will ever meet and had a mind like no other. Without Jake Burton at the head of Burton, customers are very worried where the company will end up. But if you know Jake, you know that he isn’t calling it a quits, he’s gonna fight the hell out of this. Good luck Jake!

On to better news Burton is one of the best brands around the winter sport and they plan to keep it that way! BURTON BURTON BURTON!

Honest to god, The MOST IMPORTANT part about having a fun and comfortable experience on the mountain is having your hands and feet warm and comfortable. I cannot stress this enough! I’ve had way to many experiences of crappy gloves getting completely waterlogged and ruining my entire day while also making my hands colder than the snow I was standing on.

imgres-2.jpgRecently I’ve been using gloves that have been nothing below amazing. EMS is a great brand of gloves and almost never get a bad review from any customers. The best of the best are the EMS Men’s Summit Gloves, they are 100% water proof with their new and improved ventilation system that keeps your hands warmer than ever before. Also, if you click the link and buy a pair of these Summit gloves, you get free shipping with 25% off! so get on it!


Here it is, my favorite things in the world…. WOOL SOCKS! These things are the absolute best, and the best thing about them is that they arent just for snowboarding. Anytime you’re feet get a little chilly, the only solution … Smartwool Socks! They have many different types on what you would want with cushion, comfort or warmth. Theyre the best socks a snowboarder can ask for and they are relatively cheap but most definitely worth the purchase.


Do the Pants Dance!

Good snow pants are a necessity if you want to have a comfortable day of skiing, and the right pants are the difference maker between a good day and a GREAT day. I’ve had some days that have been absolutely ruined because either my pants ripped or had no way to stop the pants from getting waterlogged. Well, that’s why I’m here, so you don’t have to go through the things that I’ve, sadly, went through.

I’ve gotta say, BurtonAperture-Verty-Charcoal-Cargo-10K-Snowboard-Pants-_247236-front has some of the best pants on the market. Yes, they are a little expensive, but in this case, they are 150% worth it. They are waterproof with some of the best ventilation systems out of all brands on the market. They may or may not be the ones that I use so I may or may not be biased but there’s definitely a reason to be. They’re absolutely amazing and if you’re upset with them once you make a purchase you don’t know what good snow pants are!

But if you’re in it for the cheap factor, Ambush Board Co. is what you’re gonna want to check out. Great pants and almost always on sale. But keep an eye put because they have flash sales every couple of months and they practically give away pants for free. So keep an eye out and attach your email when you complete your order and you’ll be sure to get some great deals.


Times are Changin’

As all of us snowboarders know, we aren’t the most liked people on the mountain sometimes with our boisterous style and apparel (they’re just jealous). The reason you’re reading this is because you love to be that person on the mountain that everyone looks at, so here’s what you need to fit in and not be left behind in times like this.IMG_8819_dbfbd1bb-e093-4039-8f0d-5e6bc99da859_large

Please don’t be these people, that’s all I’m gonna say about that.

So I’ll start with the people who love to ride but are not fans of the popping colors and long t-shirts. The House is a great place to find what you’re looking for. All these jackets will keep you nice and toasty in freezing temperatures without sacrificing the comfortability.

Here is goes. For all of you who want everyone to notice the sick cork that you just pulled on that 30-foot gap, here is my recommended jacket. If you don’t know 686 yet you will soon. The 686 Manual Iconic is one of the most popular jackets around the snowboarding world right now and you will get immediate respect from tossing one of these on. Absolutely awesome.

Another blog finished and another great review. Stay classy San Diego.


Oh Canada!

Canada, OH Canada, what a place man. Nicest people you’ll ever meet with some of the best powder in the world. just a quick hint you might wanna learn French before you go because you might never leave. I’ve been to Canada a decent amount of time and I have absolutely nothing but amazing reviews about this beautiful country.


Well, here it is Gentlemen, the Top 5 Resorts in all of Canada. I hope you’re ready because this is about to be legend….. wait for it….. DARY. Let’s get started.

  1. Mount Tremblant – I can go on for hours about this place. It is by far my favorite mountain I have even boarded on. Amazing trails, Beautiful view from the peak, Terrains are unreal, and so many trails. P.S. you must get a beaver tail when you’re up there.
  2. Whistler Blackcomb – These two adjacent mountains are some of the best conditions you’ll see. together they have over 200 marked runs. What a mountain!
  3. Sun Peaks – The second largest mountain in all of British Columbia has so many trails to choose from with everything you could want.
  4. Fernie – If you’re an adrenaline junkie, this mountain is for you. One of the highest mountains in British Columbia has some of the most exciting rides you’ll ever encounter. Beginners should probably stick to the greens but other than that you’ll have a fantastic time.
  5. Blue Mountain – The third most popular mountain, behind 1 & 2 on this list, is a very family friendly mountain but also some of the best terrain parks in North America is the reason that Canadians flock to the resort every year.

Another one down the drain. Western Canada and Eastern Canada coming in with some huge mountains on the list. For Lift tickets click the links and you’ll get some great deals to have an awesome weekend with our northern friends. Later Boys!


Rocky Mountain High

As all Boarders know the west coast of the US is some of the best in the country. Best conditions, Plethora of trails, groomed terrain park, anything else that you dream about a night, the west coast has for you. Well, here it comes again, the top 5 resorts on the west coast! strap in cause it’s about to get rowdy!

  1. Aspen, Snowmass – 5,300 acres of open trails in season, some of the best conditions in the entire world. You CANNOT go wrong taking a trip here. highly recommended
  2. Telluride – Known for some of the steepest and most difficult trails in the country, very fun if you are an expert but if you’re still  weary about black diamonds id stay away.
  3. Beaver Creek – Very great mountain with extraordinary accommodations for your friends and family who decide to tag along
  4.  Breckenridge – very family friendly with an old western feel, family friendly with awesome terrain parks
  5. Keystone – Great mountain and maintained that way. one of my favorite mountains that I’ve been too. Highly recommended

Well, there it is folks, the mountains that you and your buddies should tear up if you’re ever out west. Feel free to comment your comments about your favorites. Keep on keepin’ on.

The Patriots aren’t the Only Thing New England has to Offer

New England has some of the best mountains in the country and lucky for you guys, I’ve been to almost every single one that’s worth going to. Most of the best mountains are in Vermont like Stratton, Mount Snow, Smugglers Notch and much more but we can’t just limit this to Vermont. So here are my top 10 mountains in NE.

  1. Jay Peak – A great mountain with a plethora of trails
  2. Killington – One of the bigger Mountains in NE ( X-games pipe was set her)
  3. Smuggler’s Notch – A smaller mountain compared to mountains like Killington but maintained to perfection with great trails
  4. Okemo – Also a very great mountain and if you find yourself there, GET A WAFFLE!
  5. Loon Mountain – Behind the shadow of the bigger mountains but a hidden gem that you must visit
  6. Sugarbush – very difficult small mountain, for most experts
  7. Mount Jefferson – Great conditions and also a great nightlife for young adults to go out and have a great time
  8. Jiminy Peak – Very family friendly, easier trails but very fun to cruise around the trails with friends
  9. Bretton Woods – Small mountain but some of the best terrain parks I’ve ever been on (Landed my first 360 there!!)
  10. Suicide Six – Tiny mountain but very friendly atmosphere with mostly locals who are looking for a relaxing day.


So there it is my friends. Go out there and try ’em out!!!!!

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