I am just some 19 year old kid who has, like most people reading this, a profound love for getting up to the peak of the mountain and shredding down the trails with my friends. I grew up on Long Island in NY which if you snowboard in the northeast you know that Long Island has absolutely zero mountains to go to for a quick day trip. This gave me somewhat of an advantage to travel all throughout the northeast and try out many different mountains since I never had my “go-to” mountain within minutes of my house. Because of this I’ve been IMG_1507to almost every notable mountain throughout areas near me.

My father grew up right by the Canadian border in New York so he was always around skiing and snowboarding and got me into it at a young age. Luckily, I picked boarding up instead of skiing because you guys would be out of luck when looking for the 411 about the snowboarding community.

Once I started snowboarding I never looked back, and I can’t see my self stopping anytime soon. Which means you’re in luck because I’ll be blogging about the new and popular styles for a Long time. If you have any questions about the blog feel free to read the about page which gives you all the details you need to know about the website.

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